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Pansexual definition is - of, relating to, or characterized by sexual or romantic attraction that is not limited to people of a particular gender identity or sexual orientation; also : not solely homosexual or heterosexual. How to use pansexual in a sentence. Pansexual people can sometimes think that they are just bisexual, says Richmond. It can take time for them to realize that their sexual orientation is all-encompassing. Pansexual is not a new term. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term pansexual has been around since at least the early 1900s as a psychological term that describes sex as a primary motivator for human beings. Its current definition has been around since at least the late 1960s. 'Pansexual teens sometimes struggle to find a community to identify with and get support from,” she says. “Even within some LGBTQ organizations, there is a misunderstanding of what ... Pansexual was first used in psychology to refer to the idea that sex is the primary driver of all human behavior, pan-here from the Greek meaning “all.”. The word was originally leveled against the ideas of Sigmund Freud as far back as 1914. Critics were still arguing against this supposed pansexual psychology in the 1950s and 1960s. New meanings for pansexual emerged in the 1960–70s. Pansexual simply means a person is attracted to all genders. Pan, after all, comes from the Greek prefix meaning “all.” Thus, a pansexual person would be attracted to cisgender, transgender ... “Pansexual is often conceptualized as a label that denotes sexual or romantic attraction to people regardless of their gender expression (masculinity or femininity), gender identity, or ... However, “pansexual” is the term that feels most right in describing my own sexual identity. Being pansexual means that I am attracted to all genders. I have the greatest respect for a person’s gender identity, but gender does not really play an initial role in my romantic or sexual attraction. Pansexual has come to the forefront of the public's conscious in recent years thanks, in part, to several celebrities identifying with the label. Here's what pansexuality means and how it works. “Bisexual” and “pansexual” are two different ways to describe sexual orientation. Although they don’t mean the exact same thing, some people relate to both terms and describe themselves ...

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2008.03.14 10:41 r/lgbt: Reddit's home for the LGBTQ+ community

A safe space for GSRM (Gender, Sexual, and Romantic Minority) folk to discuss their lives, issues, interests, and passions. LGBT is still a popular term used to discuss gender and sexual minorities, but all GSRM are welcome beyond lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people who consent to participate in a safe space.

2009.04.15 01:22 satx Bisexual

This group is for discussion and support for those who fall in between, for the "shades of gay" in what is often assumed to be one or the other: * bisexuals * pansexuals * omnisexuals * queers * non-straight individuals ... or anyone who doesn't quite fit the otherwise binary "straight" and "gay" pattern. If you can't work out if you're straight, gay, or anywhere in between... you should probably visit us.

2011.08.07 07:55 erikpdx r/pansexual

Welcome to /Pansexual! This is a place for all pansexuals to go and talk freely.

2020.09.25 08:20 socially__distant Let's be friends!

Hey, I'm a 25 year old software developer from the UK.
I'd love to meet new people so I'm here to reach out to you all.
I'm a very loving, nurturing person. I like listening to people's stories and offering advice when asked. I also like teaching people (maybe you'd like some programming help?).
I love the outdoors, I think that comes from working at a computer all day. I've been learning bushcraft for a few years and I really enjoy making stuff from fallen trees.
I practise mindfulness. I like to meditate and it helps me connect with nature (still compensating for my job...).
I'm a casual gamer. I love open world games like Minecraft and Stardew Valley.
I listen to a lot of music. I mainly like progressive metal but also enjoy alt pop, 70s prog and D&B. I'm always up for sharing a Spotify playlist.
I'm very open minded. I'll talk about pretty much anything with anyone as long as you're respectful.
I'm pansexual (though I don't go on about it).
What I'm looking for
If you've come this far then you should definitely send me a PM or chat request. Tell me a little about yourself too, it helps kick off the conversation :)
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2020.09.25 06:44 Miele0Rose [5e][Online][MST] A fairly new player looking for an LGBTQ+ friendly campaign

I’m a 21 y/o player looking for a new group to play with! I’ve only been playing for about a year so a mixed bag group as far as experience goes would be better for me! I usually play characters that are some alignment of Chaotic and prefer ragtag/outlaw/misfit type parties. Since I’m pansexual and enby (she/they), the group has to be queer friendly and I’d love to play with other lgbtq+ people too!
I’m in Mountain Standard Time, and am most available on weekends in the afternoons and evenings!
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2020.09.25 05:29 LowMarionberry6 [Serious Confession. This Is Going To Hurt.] I Think The Pan Identity Contributes To Bi Erasure

I'm going to get some shit. I'm going to piss a lot of pan-identified people way the fuck off here. I'm sorry. I just have to get this off my chest. This is where I am with it, and I have meditated, I've tried to be happy for people, I've tried to just say live and let live, but with where current queer discourse is, this sometimes does just eat at me and I haven't figured out what to do about it.
If you felt this way and have gotten out of it, please. Help me.
Since 1990, bisexual activists have tried to basically say a fluid identity that assumes there are not only two genders and that people can be attracted to a multitude of genders fits under "bisexual."
I.e., since 1990, bisexual people have said what most people would classify as "pansexual" fits into the multitude of identities they would have called "bisexual."
When I was a kid, "pan" wasn't a thing. It wasn't one of the letters we got to choose from.
However, when I started realizing I'm bisexual, I struggled deeply to say the word "bisexual" for a long time. I absolutely hated the word. Hated. Hated it. I can't express to you how hard it was for me to come out to people or describe myself. I don't know how many years I would never come out to people using the word itself. It was poison.
Now we get the guys who like, like women, and sometimes like guys, but aren't bisexual: https://time.com/5026092/mostly-straight-sexual-identity-bisexual-gay/
We also get the straight guys who have sex with each other but aren't bisexual: https://www.thecut.com/2015/08/why-straight-men-have-sex-with-each-other.html
Fast-forward some years. I meet another man in my same boat. He's dated people who are men and who are women, and doesn't really plan on stopping but he says he can't use the word "bisexual" sometimes because of how much he hates the word. He hates the word "bisexual."
Is anyone else seeing a pattern here? "I'm a guy who's into men, women, and quite possibly beyond, but I can't be bisexual."
What I've ultimately concluded is there's such severe social stigma in and around sexual identity that bisexual people can't handle the fact that they're bisexual. It comes with such an immense amount of erasure, condescending behavior, lack of inherent representation, and in some cases, even loathing ("pick a side!"), that they just come up with other things to say about themselves.
I've read about the "nuance," i.e., that "bisexual is more active" where "pansexual is more passive or agnostic." Do gay men classify themselves and come up with an entirely new orientation based on whether (a) they're more actively attracted to male/masculine-presenting persons, or (b) if they don't really actively find themselves actively attracted to people, but when they get to know someone and they find that person attractive, that person always happens to be male/masculine-presenting?
I legitimately don't see the difference here. I didn't find my ex attractive until I really got to know him. Am I pan now, because I wasn't actively attracted to him, but I eventually found that I found him attractive?
Lastly, the idea that "bisexual" doesn't include trans-masculine or trans-feminine people seems to give a complete pass to "gay" and "lesbian" identities, which get to completely dodge this whole debacle. Why is that?
Sorry if this is wrong. Sorry if this hurts you. But where I am, I just see "pan" as another way for "bi" people to dodge the word "bisexual."
I can't find my way out of this mentality.
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2020.09.25 05:09 thrwwy5634 i'm falling in love with my best friend, and i don't know what to do about it.

i have a very complicated relationship with my best friend. it started out as a sort of brother-sister dynamic, and we never saw each other otherwise. however, it all kind of changed when we just discussed our random fantasies. i'm a lesbian, and he's pansexual, and we just never saw each other in that light until that day. since then, we've been slowly and slowly become more flirty and we both confessed that we really have a deep attraction for each other.
the sad part is that i have no doubts about my feelings. i can't think of getting a girlfriend or giving my attention and affection to someone else. he's all i care for in life, he's not perfect, but i love his imperfections and can accept them and help him get through them. i am happy to be there for him when he goes through a depressive episode, and i can't imagine who i'd be without him. he's given me hints that he feels similarly, but thinks other days he says he wishes that it never happened. i'm not sure how he truly feels. i don't want to get myself worked up on something that is hopeless, but he's open about how similarly he feels to me. we both can't imagine falling in love with someone else right now. maybe i'm in over my head because of quarantine? but i have never felt this way before about anyone else. what can i do?
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2020.09.25 02:57 mysapphiclife Books with lesbian main characters who aren't teenagers and who don't die

Hi! Newly out lesbian here. I need some good lesbian books. Main characters, not side characters or books that hint about it. Sex scene would be great, but I'm not into absolute smut and I'd rather not read sex scenes involving teenagers because that just feels gross lol. And I would prefer if they don't tragically die at the end. Old folk who pass in their sleep after a nice life together? Cute! Just no bury your gays tropes, please. Specifically looking for lesbian content because I focused heavily on bisexual, pansexual, and other queer-identifying characters for years and now I just want something that connects directly to my identity :) Oh! And I'd prefer historical fiction, contemporary, and any genre that's not sci-fi or fantasy.

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2020.09.25 01:31 EverybodysATree What other sexualities are under the bisexual umbrella?

I’ve been reading a lot of stuff lately about how pansexuality falls under the umbrella of bisexuality. Are there other sexualities then that count as bi, or is it a small umbrella?
On top of that: I stopped identifying as bi and began identifying as pan years ago, due everything I’d heard defining bisexuality as attraction primarily to cisgender men and women. I’ve recently learned that that isn’t the case and being bisexual does not exclude trans people, or anybody else on the gender spectrum.
Given that, does pansexual still hold an individual meaning? What exactly does “attraction regardless of gender” mean then, if bisexuality is also attraction regardless of gender? Just looking for some help with my identity. I know who I am, I’m just trying to figure out which label best describes that.
Thanks friends!
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2020.09.25 00:14 ImBrNdo 18 [M4F] Long Island - I don't think I believe in soulmates, but maybe i'll find mine here :)

Hey, so let me tell you a bit about myself:
18M, Caribbean, 5'6, Pansexual, HELLA dorky, and definitely not afraid of an LDR
I am NOT some 6' dude with blue eyes, so if you came here expecting one of those, leave please 💀 also if you wouldn't date a pansexual, don't belive in BLM, or don't wear a FRICKIN mask outside.. we really wouldn't get along.
But if you aren't that kind of person, please read on 😊
My personality type is ENFP-t and my zodiac sign is Cancer (if either of those things matter to you lol)
I'm a pretty active person and try to keep in good shape, but i usually only work out at home. Would love to meet someone who is just as active as me
I say i'm a huge gamer but i haven't played a good rpg game in forever :( but i love playing Among Us with the homies! I'm pretty bad at it though haha
I have ADHD so if you love stupid late night rambles and calls, i'm you guy :)
I love reading, especially mystery and horror novels. Those are also some my favorite movie genres as well, alongside adventure and fantasy! My favorite book by far is Alchemist!!
My music taste is super diverse, i don't really understand listening to one music genre, so if you have a playlist you can share, lay it on me 😁 I don't necessarily have a favorite artist but the two i've been obsessed with recently are Matt Maeson and Ava Max
Always accepting anime reccomendations! Although my list keeps getting bigger smh..
Anyways! That's about it, hopefully something here caught your eye. Message me if you think we could get along well, and i'll message you asap! And don't worry about pictures or face reveals, i'm pretty camera shy myself
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2020.09.24 23:58 ImBrNdo 18 [M4F] Long Island - I don't think I believe in soulmates, but maybe i'll find mine here :)

Hey, so let me tell you a bit about myself:
18M, Caribbean, 5'6, Pansexual, HELLA dorky, and definitely not afraid of an LDR
I am NOT some 6' dude with blue eyes, so if you came here expecting one of those, leave please 💀 also if you wouldn't date a pansexual, don't belive in BLM, or don't wear a FRICKIN mask outside.. we really wouldn't get along.
But if you aren't that kind of person, please read on 😊
My personality type is ENFP-t and my zodiac sign is Cancer (if either of those things matter to you lol)
I'm a pretty active person and try to keep in good shape, but i usually only work out at home. Would love to meet someone who is just as active as me
I say i'm a huge gamer but i haven't played a good rpg game in forever :( but i love playing Among Us with the homies! I'm pretty bad at it though haha
I have ADHD so if you love stupid late night rambles and calls, i'm you guy :)
I love reading, especially mystery and horror novels. Those are also some my favorite movie genres as well, alongside adventure and fantasy! My favorite book by far is Alchemist!!
My music taste is super diverse, i don't really understand listening to one music genre, so if you have a playlist you can share, lay it on me 😁 I don't necessarily have a favorite artist but the two i've been obsessed with recently are Matt Maeson and Ava Max
Always accepting anime reccomendations! Although my list keeps getting bigger smh..
Anyways! That's about it, hopefully something here caught your eye. Message me if you think we could get along well, and i'll message you asap! And don't worry about pictures or face reveals, i'm pretty camera shy myself
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2020.09.24 22:44 WarriorPassionXx Bisexuals without preferences

Alright, so I've been in the LGBTQ+ community for a good few years now, and while I like to think that I'm well versed in the many terms, orientations, and identities, I obviously still fall short every now and then. I would like to note that I absolutely do not intend to offend anyone; I am genuinely curious and only ask these questions to better ground my understanding in bisexuality.
It is my understanding that the most widely accepted defintion (from what I've gathered, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) of bisexuality is: "the attraction to two or more genders". I've heard other variations, but the one I'm most interested in today is: "the attraction to two or more genders with preferences". I've heard from multiple bisexual individuals that not all bisexuals experience preferences. I am inclined to agree, although my stance could change based on the replies. I was simply wondering how bisexuality without a preference differs from pansexuality. Also, would you say that the aforementioned defintion is incorrect and if so, would it be better to say: "the attraction to two or more genders with possible preferences"? Thank you for your time and remember, I ask these questions, not with the intent to offend, but simply out of curiosity.
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2020.09.24 20:20 CupstoPlates Being a female Muslim, and possibly bisexual...

So I don’t know where to start... since quarantine I started uni, and for some apparent reason some memories of mine pop up about my friendship with many people (especially girls and adult males) which prompted me to question my sexuality.
Even thought I now don’t engage in chatting with guys and girls via messaging, social media and online games being open as “myself” to adults like professors, or teachers (that’s because my personality is very “childish” for a lady like me)
Through watching YouTube videos on bisexuality (and sometimes pansexuality), and having a deep dive into memory lane I’ve come realized that I might possibly be bisexual.
I noticed cues, and thoughts when my memories were resurfacing when one time I found one of my male teachers lips attractive, and when I accidentally touched a female students breast during a fire alarm even though it felt weird I knew that something changed in me, and that there were other thoughts when this happened
I think that it’s becoming an essay at this point so I’ll just stop. Thank you for this I don’t know short “coming out”...
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2020.09.24 20:12 liberated_gay I have bad bottom dysphoria but why the hate for demisexual and pansexual?

As a gay trans man, I really couldn't care less about the whole bi vs pan thing. Its stupid discourse, imo. Like gay vs homosexual discourse. I expect you'll tell me pansexual is transphobic or biphobic but I hear the same about bisexual, so I guess they both need to be cancelled. We're all just mlm or wlw. 🤷‍♂️ (/hj)
But I used to be demisexual. T made me more allo but I used to be textbook demisexual. Now I just id as homosexual but I still think I was demi back then. I think the ace to allo spectrum is more effected by hormones than innate like orientation (what gender(s) a person is attracted to). Demisexual was useful for me back then because iding as straight made me dysphoric and I just didn't experience primary sexual attraction. I'm not really sure why you think that's "woke". If you want to talk about woke sexualities, sapiosexial is a prime example. I don't see how it's on the same level as that. And fyi- I don't think you can really be just demisexual, you would also still have an orientation. Its just describing how someone experiences sexual attraction. Maybe you think its stupid but it at least is useful unlike other "woke" sexualities.
I wasn't planning on ever mentioning demisexuality here anyway since it stopped being important to me until I read the rules.
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2020.09.24 18:07 devindares Definition Question About Lesbians

I was born a woman but most days I identify as genderqueer or as a transman. However my girlfriend identifies as a lesbian. I told her because of my gender identity I felt that her sexual identity by definition was pansexual, bisexual, or queer. She disagreed and told me that nope she is still a lesbian. She does love me the way I am and I know that. I guess we're just having a disagreement about definition. Has anyone else been in these shoes? What are your thoughts on the matter?
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2020.09.24 17:42 Poutypunk123 Jennifer Hall - Daughter of Venus


Name: Jennifer Hall, goes by Jenny
Age: 18
Sexuality: Pansexual
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Godrent: Venus,
Mortal Family:
Cohort: lV


Height: 6' 1
Physique: Muscular, she has been training for most of her life
Eyes: Pink
Hair: Reddish blonde
Clothing: Simple and not flashy. Typically athletic gear and sweats
Faceclaim: Have a picrew
Tattoos: SPQR, Five Lines. Wolf, On her left thigh.


Jenny is what some might call abrasive. She isn't what people might assume the daughter of a the goddess of love would be like. She tends to be cold and uncaring the feelings of others. If something isn't going to benefit the Cohort or the Legion than is isn't really worth her time. While this has earned her a reputation as an ice queen, she just views herself as a good Legionnaire.



Jenny first arrived at camp when she was 10 years old and officially. joined the legion when she was 13. She fell in love with the militaristic lifestyle and felt more at home than she ever had. Small comments here and there over whether a love god kid was as good a fighter as the rest put a chip on her shoulder from a young age, and Jenny spent everyday trying to prove them wrong. She pushed herself to be the perfect soldier until she could face anyone with out fear


Jenny is sitting on the porch of the Fourth Cohort Barracks, sharpening her gladius, an annoyed look on her face that tends to just be her default
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2020.09.24 16:32 makeawomanoutofyou 38[T4M][East Coast US] MTF wants to PERMANENTLY feminize you

I am a pre op, pansexual trans woman on the East Coast if the US searching for a long term relationship.
I have always felt a connection to feminine men, and I think dating while going through the process of their transition would be something that created a bond like no other!
A degree of role reversal would be amazing as well, to what extent would depend on what felt right for us.
I’m gainfully employed, sane, ddf, and very real and serious. You should be too. I prefer someone in good shape, fit, who knows what they want, are relationship oriented, and is open to physical feminization.
I have a few ways to chat off of here and many pics to share. Can voice chat once we are comfortable. Please, give me some substance to your reply and tell me how old you are where you’re from and what you’re looking for.
I’m open to online and distance to start, but would prefer something that can move to real life and one of us relocate if things go well in the distant future.
My inbox and chat are open, so feel free to chat me up! Are you the man who will be my Mrs. Right?
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2020.09.24 15:25 neongreencumstain How do i tell someone with aspergers that I need some space?

Hi, I (16F) don’t have any form of autism, so i understand that i may be misunderstanding some things with them - but i’m trying my best :’) I just started sixth form, and i have made friends with a boy (16M) who i do like, but he has very strong views that he enforces on people constantly. He believes that pansexual people are on the same level as pedophiles, and people who like bestiality. While he is entitled to these beliefs, i identify as pansexual and it’s hard for me to be around him all the time, while he calls me a pedo all day - i find it very emotionally draining. He also swears all the time, and while i don’t mind that sort of language, it’s hard to hear every 10 seconds :’) What would be a nice way to say that i don’t want to talk about sexuality all the time? And i understand saying anything at all might also be a bad idea, i just need advice on what to do TT
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2020.09.24 14:08 Aesthetically_Storm Danganronpa LGBTQ+ Headcanons/theories

You don't have to agree, but please don't attack me for this, this is just my headcanon/theory based on what I've observed about the character.
Tenko- Lesbian
Sonia- Demisexual
Shuichi- Pansexual
Nagito- Bisexual
Kokichi- Gay
Kirumi- Demisexual
Maki- Asexual
Mondo- Gay
Kiyotaka- Gay
Hajime- Bisexual
Mahiru- Lesbian
Sakura- Pansexual
Aoi- Bisexual
Chihiro- Androsexual
Ibuki- Bisexual
Kaito- Bisexual
Korekiyo- Panromantic, heterosexual
Kyoko-Biromantic, asexual
Celeste- Panromantic, demisexual

I could go on, but I won't lol
Sorry if I made any spelling or grammar errors
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2020.09.24 13:41 funtimefoxyfan53 TIFU by coming out to my mother?

Also forgive me for posting this here, i dont know where else too. Just a warning (slight family problems) in case someone is uncomfortable with that
This is my first TIFU post and I'm only doing this because I guess i need some sort of advice. I'm(15M) quite young btw. But I have been feeling conflicted about my sexuality for the past year. As of now I believe I am pansexual. Maybe. A few minutes back I was at the dinner table with my mom(35?ish), and my older sister(18F) started talking about how one of her old school friends lost her virginity "for fun". And now she thinks she may be pregnant. My mother and I both started agreeing that it was stupid and no one should ruin their life like that. All of a sudden, my mom said that my sister wasn't allowed to have sleepovers anymore. That she didn't want her to be attacked. I thought, yeah that sounds okay, then she started going on about my sister's best friend, who is lesbian (also has a girlfriend), that she may secretly like my sister and attack her. My sister is used to my mom being "traditional" and ignorant so she just brushed it off. However, all the past few times she'd been talking shit about LGBT so much and i couldn't talk back, that was when i snapped.
I started talking abit about LGBT and asked my mom why she didn't trust my sister's friend. My mom said people who "like their own gender have no control". I brought up my sister's other friend(straight) who lost her virginity for fun, and why she treats both of my sister's friend like subhumans. She got visibly pissed but tried changing the subject and chatted with my sister for a few more minutes before i brought up: "So, in the future, if i brought back a girl, that would be ideal, right?" She instantly said yes and how boy girl relationships are "correct" and it is the "tradition" of Chinese people (we are Singaporean chinese). Then, i said: "So what if i brought back a guy?" Her face soured up and started reprimanding me on how that since I was her son she didn't want that to happen and that i should grow up like a "normal person" and bring back a wife. I don't remember exactly what she said, but i got pissed off and said that i didn't want to talk to her anymore, got up, and went to my room.
She started knocking on my door, and we had this really long ass argument that i really dont feel like recounting, but it went a little bit like "Imagine a boy and boy relationship. They can't make babies. That's wrong." "Then how about straight couples with womb problems?(Me)" No answer. Just generic unreasonable shit she came up with. After a while she started getting into how she and my dad are the only one that loves me and that if i was in a tough situation then my family would be the only thing there for me. Then she said to please not get a boyfriend or it would hurt her and she would get sad, and how it would affect her and her only. She said how i wanted to do this only to spite her, but i never had the thought of wanting one. I merely am fine with anyone as long as love is there. She said how horrible she feels that I'm trying to be rebellious. She left. I felt really guilty for acting like a little bitch but i don't regret trying to stand up for my sister's friend, especially since she never did anyone wrong.
Right now, my mom's at my door trying to tell me to open up and not to do anything stupid. But she's always said i was the most sensible in the family and that i always know what's right. Except for this. Only except for this one matter, which she always insults. I hate it. I don't know what to do. Any ideas?
TL;DR My mom insulted my sister's friend for being lesbian. I told her i didn't want to talk to her anymore if she acted like that. She tried to tell me that i had no one else but my family, and i shouldn't endulge in LGBT activities if i didn't want to disappoint them.
Also, i would appreciate if this post wasn't shared around. My parents are on instagram and I'm afraid my mom might see this around there since i see too many tifu posts without the OP's consent. Please don't share this
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2020.09.24 11:56 RunnerPakhet I think I might be aromantic

I had a rough last week with this. And I need to vent somewhere, so I hope this is the right place to do so.
Long story short: Among other things I am a writer. In one of my stroies the MC is an aromantic heterosexual women. And I kinda had a lot of anxieties on wether or not her story was good representation. Thus I was delighted when I got to chat with somebody, who was aromantic and pansexual last Saturday and we had a real long chat, with two main outcomes. No. 1: He loved all I told him about the story and said it was a lot of the stuff he really wished to read in such a story. No. 2: I am now questioning, whether I am aromantic.
Because really: During my last two relationships, I never had any feeling for either partner, that I would consider romantic. I basically always waited for my feeling to turn romantic, because ... well, that is how this was supposed to go. But they never did. Honestly the best relationship I had during the last ten years was a relationship where me and my partner both agreed it was a "sex only" relationship and it was great.
And here is the thing: I am big into cuddling and kissing and all those things, but for me there is nothing romantic about it. Heck, I did enjoy this things more with "just friends", then with a "romantic partner", because with romantic partners it often kinda felt ... wrong. There was a certain anxiety coming with it.
I can say that I am definitely bisexual still. I am still quite horny for folks. But I honestly am starting to question, whether I ever truly was "in love" with somebody.
I really do not know how to feel right now
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2020.09.24 06:35 throwawayfortoday335 I’m gender fluid but also bisexual? I’m not sure if pansexual is the correct term to label my sexuality though

Through many years of confusion I’ve finally feel comfortable with my gender. I’m gender fluid! (Although I haven’t told anyone in my real life yet). Here’s the thing: my sexuality is bisexual. I’ve known I liked girls since the 4th grade. That being said, I don’t care about gender and I don’t have a preference either.
Pansexuality confuses me. And I don’t mean any offense when I say this by the way! It sounds very similar but with bisexuality you have more of a preference? Or pansexual are usually for people who are non binary / gender fluid. I feel more comfortable with the “term” bisexual, but I don’t care / don’t have a preference on gender and I’m gender fluid. I’m just very confused...
I know that sexuality and gender is a spectrum and although I haven’t told anyone about my gender identity (everyone knows about my sexuality) I still feel proud I’ve come to terms with a part of myself I was confused about for a very long time. I just want to know what’s better to label yourself as a gender fluid person? Pansexual or bisexual? I’m just confused with the terminology.
PS sorry if I come off as ignorant I don’t mean to! I’m genuinely just trying to figure this all out. Maybe this is a dumb question I don’t know.
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2020.09.24 06:33 VegetableOven I have begun to feel inferior to boys.

Sorry if this is messy, I just really need some advice.
So my boyfriend(17M) is a pansexual male, and I (16F) am bisexual. We have been in a long distance relationship for almost two years. We are both open with our sexuality with each other and have stated we both possibly want to do things this the same gender at one point.
The past relationships I was in before him had almost always forced me into some sort of open relationship where their side was the only open. So I normally told him I was okay if he did things with others, while internally I knew it only hurt me and stuff. I recently told him about this and we agreed to stop that kind of behavior until I knew what I wanted. He still normally talk to boys as friends and such, and we always joke about “cute boys” and “cute girls” but I almost always feel he is more into knowing what the boys are doing, or what they’re doing and such.
I always ask him if he maybe wants to watch me cook breakfast or if he wants to see what I made, be he always says no. Then he says something about his friend made something and was supposed to show him.
He always is in awe of boys, but I’ve never heard him speak of me in the way he speaks of them, and it kind of hurts deep down, and makes me feel as if me being a woman somehow makes me less? I don’t know if I’m just being insecure, or just being plain dumb. But I need some help on how to address this if it is serious? This has been my only real and good relationship and I just want to make it last. Thank you
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2020.09.24 06:23 ManGo_50Y I made an omnisexual and a panromantic heart! (These are based on a pansexual heart I found)

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2020.09.24 06:05 XenaTheDemonQueen Im building a giant gay castle in minecraft and i need more flags.

so far i have the rainbow, the lesbian, the bisexual, the trans, the aromantic, the asexual, the bear (i tried my best on this one), the intersex, the nonbinary, the pansexual, the demisexual, the genderfluid, the genderqueer, the polysexual, the polyamorous, and the demiromantic flags om my castle. if yall know of any more flags i can add, please let me know what they are and what they look like. unfortunately im unable to make all of them due to the way minecrafts banner system works but i will try to add as many as i can. im gonna share the final project as soon as its finished.
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